“Life is a journey and only YOU hold the map.”

This is one of Dr. Grant’s favorite quotes and one that is the foundation of his practice. We all need maps to navigate this life and he believes that we each have our own unique maps.

Some of our maps are confusing and painful, leaving us with a sense of feeling lost and without direction. NorthStar is a place to find your compass. The Gay Men’s Processing Group can be a powerful way to develop our map skills.

What is Processing Group?

Processing Group is a small, confidential group for gay men from the Indianapolis-area who meet weekly for about eight months. It’s a place to be one’s authentic self without fear, deception, or judgment.

Being in a safe place helps participants reflect and navigate their maps. Each week members discuss and process the diverse experiences from their lives and, through this reflection and support, make sense of their maps. The intimate and intricate connections between past and present become clearer. In the process, group members not only see their individual reflections, but also experience seeing their reflections in others.

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