Group meets Monday evenings beginning September from approximately 6:15-7:45 pm. Each weekly session costs $40, self-pay. A portion or your payment, $15, will be donated to Gay Men of Wisdom, a non-profit out of Hudson, NY.

Gay Men of Wisdom promotes awareness and understanding of the value of gay men’s differences – and all human differences by extension; harnesses the power of gay men’s gifts for personal social good; fosters nurturing relationships among gay men; and seeks to leave a legacy of intergenerational connections and transfer of wisdom among men-who-love men.

Due to COVID 19, the next small group, Living Out Your Gifts, will occur sometime in 2021 and will run for 16 sessions. Please revisit this page for updates! To begin, we’ll have an introduction session, then 14 sessions dedicated to the gifts, and a closing or termination session, for a total of 16 sessions.

There are only so many spots available so reserve your spot now! 

The group will be using Raymond L. Rigoglioso’s book, Gay Men and The New Way Forward to discuss the 14 distinct gay male gifts. This book is yours FREE with registration. Handouts to evaluate and assess your gifts will also be provided to enrich your experience and understanding of the gifts.

This is the first group of its kind in this format. And thus, Dr. Grant will be approaching this group as a pilot study. To do this, and with your participation, Dr. Grant will also administer a brief questionnaire every 2 weeks to assess your response to the group. This questionnaire will assess depression, anxiety, substance use, and self-efficacy.

Group meets in Dr. Grant’s private office at 429 E. Vermont Street, Suite 307, in downtown Indianapolis. The handicap-accessible Academy Building is situated in the beautiful Lockerbie area between N. New Jersey and East Street, just steps from Mass Avenue.

Ready to get more info? Contact Dr. Grant today.